Medium vigor tree. Early flowering (first days of September). Large number of flowers per fruit center. It does not fertilize itself. D’Anjou is best for its pollination. Small fruit with a pyriform shape. Green plain epidermis that turns yellow when it’s ripe. Tender white-yellowish pulp, a little bit grainy and fragile. Sweet flavor and soft aroma. Not too juicy. The harvest period goes from the last weeks of December to the first fortnight of January, depending on the area.

Abate fetel

Medium to high vigor plant. Erect growth and early flowering (mid-September). Large size fruit, pumpkin shape, extended and irregular. The larger diameter is closer to the base. It has a light green color skin that turns yellow when it’s ripe. The russet is close to the peduncle’s insertion. It has a white, fine, tender, buttery pulp when it’s ripe. Soft aroma. Harvest period: Late February to early March, depending on the climate zone.


Medium vigor tree. Good fruit production. The flowering period occurs during the last weeks of September and the first weeks of October. It has a medium to small size fruit, with a balanced bell shape body. The skin turns to a golden yellow color with a bright red blush. It shows freckles when it’s ripe. The pulp is very sweet and juicy. Harvest period: between the second and third week of March.

Packham´s Triumph

High vigor tree. Flowering occurs in mid-September in the Maule region of Chile. It is harvested in early February. Medium size fruit, green to yellow color. Pyriform-ovoid shape. White pulp with a fine and juicy texture. Good flavor. Good post-harvest life.