Table grapes

Crimson Seedles

This seedless variety was obtained in California from the crossing of the Emperor variety and the C33-199. The bunch is medium size, conical and compact. It also has medium size elliptical berries. It is a thick-skinned red grape, crunchy with neutral flavor and very sweet.


This is a white seedless grape variety from California. It yields a medium to large size bunch. It has light green to yellow green color grapes with a round elliptical form. It has a good size, a crunchy pulp, neutral flavor and it is slightly aromatic.

Autumn Royal

This variety was obtained from the crossing of Autumn Black and C74-1. The bunch is conical, pyramidal, and it yields a large to very large size. It has large, extended, black grapes (BERRIES) with a crunchy translucent pulp. It has medium to thin skin.

Red Globe

This variety was obtained from the crossing of Emperor, Hunisa and Nocera varieties. The bunch shows a large size, medium compactness, it is cuneiform, and presents a large peduncle. It has very large berries a thick-consistent skin, a pink-red color, and a fleshy pulp. It has a fruity flavor, and medium size rounded seeds.

Maylen Iniagrape-one cv.

This is a Chilean seedless table grape variety. It has a dark blue-black color. Mid-season harvest, with an excellent look and flavor. It also has a good stem with an intense green color. This variety is naturally colored. Size goes from 20 to 24 mm diameter. It shows a long post-harvest life.

Firestar TM Icon cv.

This a seedless table grape variety from South Africa. Red color. Early-harvest, 4 to 5 days before Flame. It naturally acquires color, without growth regulators. 20-21 mm diameter size. 40 – 50 (AGREGUE LOS 50)days of post-harvest.

Sable Seedless

Black seedless grape with a cylindrical shape. Mid-season harvest. Medium size fruit (16 to 17,5 mm). The harvest period takes place during the third and fourth week of February. Main characteristic: Moscatel flavor.

Thompson Seedless

This is a seedless white variety. Bunches are long and conical. Bunches also show medium compactness and a large peduncle. The berries are medium size with a round form. Grapes have a green-yellow color, and a firm, crunchy, sweet pulp.