Apple Trees


Baigent cv. Brookfield®

Gala Group, striated

Rosy Glow cv.

Pink Lady® Highly efficient in color.

Fuji Fubrax cv.

Part of the Fuji Group. Highly efficient in color.

Jeromine cv.

It is part of the Fuji group. Early harvest and rich color.

September Wonder®

Fuji Group. Early Harvest. Highly efficient in color.

UEB 3264/2 cv. Opal®

New generation of yellow variety.

Jugala cv.

Gala group. Rich color. Cold Zones.

Galaval cv

Gala group. Rich color.

CIVG 198 cv. Modi®

Red variety. Harvest time: March.

Granny Smith

Green Apple. Is used to pollinate different groups such as Red Delicious, Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, among others. This variety is sought after for exports as well as for agribusiness. Origin: Australia. It has a firm and crunchy fruit with some acidity.

Caudle cv.

Bicolor Variety.

Cripps Pink

Original clone. Pink-redish color. Pink Lady® is the most colorful variety.

Fuji Raku Raku

Fuji Raku Raku: Fuji Group. Striated, good flavor.


M.9 (t-337)

M.9 (t-337): Dwarf type Clonal Pattern. It adapts to different soils. It has a very superficial root system. It needs structure.

Pajam 2

Pajam 2: Dwarf type Clonal Pattern. It adapts to different soil conditions. It has a high tolerance to replant. It needs a structure.


M.7: Semi-vigorous Clonal Pattern. It possesses an excellent response to replant. It does not requires structure. Moderate resistance to Phytophthora.


MM106: Semi-vigorous Clonal Pattern. Susceptible to Phytophthora. It tolerates wooly root aphid. High production potential.


Semi vigorous rootstock similar to MM106. It is resistant to the phytophthora fungus and to the apple root aphid. It is suitable for replantation.


MM111: Semi-vigorous Clonal Pattern similar to MM106. Wooly root aphid resistance. Good for replant.


GENEVA® G.11: Clonal rootstock. Similar vigor to M9-T337. Very Productive.


GENEVA ®G.41: Clonal rootstock. Similar vigor to M9-T338. Highly resistant to wooly root aphid and replant disease complex resistance. Internment materials.


GENEVA® G.214: Clonal rootstock. Similar vigor to M.9 Pajam 2. Replant resistance and wooly root aphid resistance.


GENEVA ®G.202: Clonal rootstock . Similar vigor to M.26. Wooly root aphid resistance and replant resitance.


GENEVA® G. 890: Clonal rootstock. Similar vigor to M7. Tolerates replant and wooly root aphid. Internment materials.