Olmos Group: Our vision after 30 years working in the Chilean Agribusiness

We all know agriculture is not easy. On the contrary, it demands sacrifices, taking risks, and be prepared for the unthinkable: mudslides, frost damage, floods, storms, and so on… countless imponderables that make us reconsider, every day, why we continue in this field. There are a lot of companies that fell on the way, and there are very few that managed to continue growing after 30 years. Olmos Group is a success case.

Through all these years, we have positioned ourselves as key players in the industry, and contributed to groundbreaking innovations in Agribusiness. Now, we are celebrating 30 years of commitment, integrity, and excellence. 

From the beginning – back in 1987 – we wanted to make sure that our company was focusing on people, with clearly defined values. We wanted to build relationships, and achieve long-term goals. “These values allowed us to become a sustainable company during these 30 years”, says Uwe Pfeil and Luis Ahumada, Olmos’ managing partners.

The story of Olmos Group starts with a small fruit plant nursery. In time, and due to the vision of its directors, the nursery became one of the five biggest nurseries in the country.

In addition to the tree plant production of apples, pears, cherries, kiwis and vines, Olmos Frut provides a vast variety of rootstocks and vegetable seedlings. Today, Olmos Plant is the main seedling provider for the tomato and paprika industry. We are also a strategic partners for companies in the fields of seed production and fresh consumption products. Currently, we are the prefered suplier for producers who are focusing both in traditional and organic products.

To expand our business diversification and integration, we created Olmos Agro. Regarding this unit, Luis Ahumada states: “Today we are reaching a total of 260 planted hectares and over 600,000 cases of annual production. We are very proud of our table grapes, cherries, apples, pears, and kiwis.”

The favorable scenario contributed to the creation of Olmos Export, the exporting branch of the group. This step allowed the company to complete a vertical integration process and participate not only in the fruit produce industry, but also in the exporting and distribution industry.

Today, Olmos Export distributes its products in America, Europe and Asia in markets such us: Canada, USA, Ecuador, Brazil, Irland, UK, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Holland, China, Corea, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Innovation and Development Investment

Olmos Group’s executives are certain that “in order to ensure sustainability in time it is of vital importance to invest in innovation and development.”

With that purpuse in mind, in 1997 – along with other companies in the industry – Olmos Group founded A.N.A Chile, the main fruit variety administration company in the country and trailblazer on the development of new genetic innovations.

In addition, Olmos Group created its own Innovation and Development (I+D) department, which is focused on improving and optimizing production process, as well as developing new products. This department also evaluates different supplies alternatives available in the market. “To do so, we use tools such as applied research and experimental development.”

The leadership team also highlighted Olmos Group’s partnerships with the Technologic Consortium, Biofrutales, the oldest biotechnological organization in the country. The company also has alliances with prestigious academic entities such us the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and the Center of Engineering Systems (KIPUS) from the University of Talca.

In 1999 Olmos’ managing partners founded the National Association of Nurseries, maitaining the presidency for three periods in a row.

A relationship built on trust

Throughout these 30 years, Olmos Group not only nurtured relevant commercial relationships and alliances. The company’s main focus was providing an exceptional service for its clients. That is why, during these commemorative times, we thought it would be best if our clients did all the talking.

Hernan Brave, business director of Nathel & Nathel International says: “We have seen how the passion of Olmos and its people transfers from the nursery to the product that reach its final destination. To open up an Olmos’ container is to open the door to a product of exceptional qualities. Our sales team and our clients are always eagerly waiting for it.”

Ignacio Ugarte, from Aozora in New Zeland states: “While our commercial relationship is recent, we contacted them because of their reputation as a serious, professional, and quality company. After this season, I think it is safe to say that we were not wrong. We are looking forward to grow our relationship with them in order to reach new markets and clients in Asia.”

Carlos Silva, agricultural manager from El Aromo says: “Our experience with Olmos has been very good. They are a capable, professional, serious, and innovative team. That is fundamental to us.”

Pablo Rioseco, agricultural engineer and technical consultant in vegetable produce, who has worked with Olmos for 15 years states: “It is a company that has provided me with vegetable seedlings for different production programs that I directed. Their services and quality is always excellent.”

Finally, Julio Rivas, an agricultural business owner who has worked with Los Olmos Nursery for 35 years concludes: “The choice of the seedlings is one of the most important parts of the execution of an agricultural project. Every time I buy seedling I choose Olmos. They have good plants, an excellent service, and an all-star and kind team that starts with the company’s owners and executives. When I go to the nursery I feel at home. Congratulations on the 30 years and we hope for many more to come.”