Olmos Agro

We offer grow table grapes, cherries, apples, pears, and kiwis. Today, we have a planted surface of 260 hectares distributed among three fields: Fundo Antumapu, located in Los Lingues area, Fundo San Andrés located in Las Rosas, San Fernando area, and Fundo Shangrilá, located Talcarehue area, all of them in the O’Higgins region.

Our orchards approximately produce 600,000 fruit cases (boxes) a year. Cherries and grapes constitute the main part of our production, which is completely exported by Olmos Export.

We are committed to integrate innovation and development in every aspect of our business. That is the reason why we invested in the advancement of new varieties of grapes and cherries through the creation of an Evaluation Center at Fundo Antumapu. At the center, we evaluate fruit varieties from Chile, Spain, South Africa and U.S.A. which are managed by A.N.A Chile (Andes New Variety Administration).