Contract Terms and Conditions 

  • Contract must be signed before sowing
  •  35% downpayment before sowing. We will provide a downpayment invoice
  •  VAT must be paid once the plants are delivered
  • The plants are delivered in the sheets in which they were produced
  • Delivery must be confirmed with the Nursery within two business days in advance
  • Sheets Guarantee. Aislapol Sheet CLP $1,500. Client must return at least 95% of the sheets in good condition. Plastic Sheet CLP $4,200. Client must return at least 99% of the sheets in good condition
  • The sheets must be returned completely cleaned. No plant or substratum waste.
  • The client must unload the plants sheets and return them to our company in a timely manner.
  • The return of the sheets is always aClient’s Responsibility. Clients must coordinate the return with the person in charge of deliveries at our company. Clients must provide a copy of the Delivery Order.
  • If the total or a number of the sheets are not returned within 30 days, we will proceed to charge the full value of the sheets stated in the invoice.
  • The seed spreading service requires a minimum of 90% of plants in the sheets.

Contract Requirements 

  • Copy of Company’s I.D and Legal Representatives I.D
  • Copy of Public Deed
  • Copy of Legal Representatives
  • Adress
  • Line of Business
  • Name and Phone Number
  • Contact Email
  • Payment of the last 12 VAT