Table Grape Vines


Sun World Program

Midnight Beauty® (Sugrathirteen): Black, early, seedless variety. Harvest period: 12 days before Thompson

Sable Seedless® (Sugrasixteen): Black, mid-season, seedless variety. Harvest period: 7 days after Thomson.

Adora Seedless® (Sugrathirtyfour): Black, late, seedless variety.

Sonera Seedless® (Sugrathirtyeight): Red, mid-season, seedless variety.

Scarlotta Seedless® (Sugranineteen): Red, late, seedless variety.

Autumn Crisp® (Sugrathirtyfive): White, late, seedless variety. Muscatel aroma.

Stargrow Program

Stargrape 2 cv: Red, breakage tolerant variety. Harvest period: Same as Flame.

Biofrutales Program

Iniagrape-one cv: Black and blue variety. Excellent flavor and post-harvest.

Lombardi Genetic Program

Tawny Seedless®: Red, breakage resistant variety. Harvest period: Same as Flame.

Itum Program

Genetic Improvement Program from Murcia, Spain. Global table grape variety breeder. It offers very promising varieties that are recently developing in Chile and that are soon to be registered. Currently, this varieties are used as “test plants” in order to evaluate their local development.


Crimson Seedless

Crimson Seedless: Shiny red, seedless variety. Harvest period: 12 days after Thomson.

Flame Seedless

Flame Seedless: Red, seedless variety. Harvest period: 1 week before Thompson.

Thompson Seedless

Thomson: Green, seedless variety.

Red Globe

Red Globe: Round, seed-bearing, big sized variety.


Sugraone: Green, seedless variety. Harvest period: 2 weeks before Thompson.



Freedom: Vigorous rootstock. It is sensitive to root asphyxia, and slightly resistant to nematodes.


Harmony: Medium Vigor rootstock. It is sensitive to asphyxia and drought. Slightly resistant to nematodes.


Paulsen: Vigorous rootstocks. It is tolerant to asphyxia, sensitive to namatodes. Sensitive to Phytophtor.

Ramsey (Salt Creek)

Ramsey (Salt Creek): Vigorous rootstock. Drought tolerant. Namatodes and Phytophtora Resistance.

101-14 Mgt

101-14 Mgt: Moderate to low vigor rootstock. Drought sensitive. Tolerant to root asphyxia.

Main characteristics of rootstocks

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